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I can’t use the whole jar of sauce, can I freeze it?

You absolutely can freeze our sauce.  We actually wrote a blog about it here.

I want to freeze my tomato sauce, but can’t use the whole 32/24 oz jar at once!

How do we get Moni’s for our restaurant or supermarket?

Moni's is proud to have several great distributors nationwide who can get you our amazing products.  We are a small family owned business and like to build relationships with our partners, please contact us and we'll help you get set up.

My dressing bottle is cloudy after taking it out of the refrigerator, what’s going on?

Moni's Dressing is best stored above 40 degrees Fahrenheit, unfortunately many home refrigerators are kept at a range of 36-40 degrees. When Dressing drops below 40 degrees the oil and vinegar have a tendency to solidify and in turn the dressing produces a cloudy appearance. To fix the problem, take the bottle out of the refrigerator and allow it to get back to room temperature.

Do I need to refrigerate Moni’s Natural Products?

Before the bottle is open, no. Once opened, Moni's Products should be refrigerated to keep fresh. If you desire Moni's Salad Dressings at room temperature, simply take it out of the refrigerator a half an hour before use.

Since Moni’s is an all natural no preservatives added product, will the product spoil before the ‘best by’ date?

Moni's will not spoil before the 'best by' date. We pride ourselves on freshness and quality and our dates are labeled accordingly.

My bottles expiration has a ‘best by’ date, what does this mean?

The 'best by' date is when Moni's suggests you use the product by. Any time after the date will impede on the quality and flavor of the product. We do not suggest using Moni's after the 'best by' date.

Does Moni’s Natural have other products then just what is shown on the web site.

Moni's Natural is always creating culinary delights. Keep your eyes open because you never know what we will cook up next!

How can I use Moni’s Natural Products?

Moni's Natural Products go great with just about everything. You can also visit our Recipe page for more ideas. Click here to go to our recipe page.

I went to one of your restaurant locations and they only carried Moni’s Famous House, I want to try another flavor.

Moni's Famous Tomato Vinaigrette is our first signature product we are famous for.  Therefore its recognized at hundreds of Italian Restaurants and pizza shops, but unfortunately they all don't sell our retail bottle. Not all of our restaurant retailers carry our full product line, please visit our supermarket retailers to purchase our full line of products. To visit our location page please click here

We visit a supermarket store and they were sold out of Moni’s Products, what should I do?!

Its that good! Moni's is always striving to be available at all times to all of our outlets. As we grow it is hard to keep track of every store and their personal inventory.  We work hand and hand with all our distributors nationwide to ensure inventory is always on hand.  We encourage you to contact us to help us in making sure its always available.

I heard Moni’s Natural Products are “hand made”?

One of Moni's core values is that a family member always be present when every one of our products are made at our plant. Some of our procedures require us to still use our hands.  Our fresh basil is de-stemmed by hand, washed and sautéed.  We than mix it by hand before adding it to our other fresh ingredients.