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printmeMoni’s Smoked Tri Tip

Prep Time:

Cook Time: 6 Hours


  • 2 to 3 lb Tri Tip – Purchase at Market Street, Cost Co or occasionally at Central Market (Tri Tip is the leaner portion of brisket. Big in California. Hard to find in Texas. Market Street carries the best selection. Once you enjoy Tri Tip, you will never eat brisket again! More flavorful cut of meat and easier to enjoy.)
  • Moni’s Famous House Vinaigrette


Rub Tri Tip with choice of seasonings – I like salt, black pepper, white pepper, garlic, and cumin mixture.

Rub and place in zip lock bag. Before locking bag, poor in Moni’s dressing to coat meat.

Place in refrigerator for 24hrs.

Remove and allow to warm up prior to cooking or smoking

Start smoker and place temperature at 175 to 225 degrees.

You can use a more heartier selection of wood like hickory or mesquite to smoke, but I like apple or cherry the best. They are a little sweeter in flavor.

Add wood for desired smoke flavor during smoking process.

Place Tri Tip in smoker and cook for about 6 hours or till desired cooking range – rare, medium, well.

During process glaze with Apple Cider and Mop with Moni’s Dressing for desired flavor.

Tip – About half way through smoke process wrap in tin foil to lock in flavor and juices.

Should have a good smoke ring around meat when complete. Slice and serve with choice of potatoes and risotto along with a glass of Merlo.

Left overs make great sandwiches – add to hoagie roll, melt cheese on top and grilled onions! New version of a classic cheese steak!

Moni’s Smoked Tri Tip
Moni’s Smoked Tri Tip